Scoliosis Brace Competence Center
Monitoring is Important in Scoliosis Brace Treatment

The brace should be worn for up to 23 hours a day by children in their growth period. As the risk of the scoliotic curve's advancement decreases, the physician can reduce this daily period to 16 and 12 hours.

The Right Scoliosis Brace Leads to Excellent Results

The success of a scoliosis brace is based on choosing the right brace, planning specially for each curve, wearing the brace for the appropriate length of time, and regular monitoring. Cad Cam brace applications used in Europe and North America have come to be widely used in all over the world.

Brace Treatment in Neurological Scoliosis

he scoliosis mentioned at the beginning of the section is generally idiopathic, i.e. not related to a particular reason. However, scoliosis can be seen in cases of hernia, accidents and trauma, certain genetic diseases and loose connective tissue. Although idiopathic scoliosis is observed in 90% of cases, 10% of scoliosis cases are known to arise from miscellaneous factors such as the ones listed above.

Formed Scoliosis Braces and Brace Treatment

Brace applications are the issue that generates most discussion in scoliosis. Specialists that follow different methods hold varying views on the impact of bracing in scoliosis treatment. The most important reason for this variance is the lack of sufficient knowledge and practice in every country about controlled brace applications that have been customized and accurately designed for the type of the scoliosis. Another reason is the adolescent child's resistance to wearing a brace.