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Formed Scoliosis Braces and Brace Treatment

Formed Scoliosis Braces and Brace Treatment

Brace applications, together with exercises, are recommended in cases where the scoliosis angle is higher than 20 degrees and the child's growth continues. A good brace should correct the sagittal deviation, stop the curve's progression, decrease surgical prevalence and correct the body's cosmetics. The brace's correcting measures should apply to each part of the scoliotic body.

Brace applications are the issue that generates most discussion in scoliosis. Specialists that follow different methods hold varying views on the impact of bracing in scoliosis treatment. The most important reason for this variance is the lack of sufficient knowledge and practice in every country about controlled brace applications that have been customized and accurately designed for the type of the scoliosis. Another reason is the adolescent child's resistance to wearing a brace.

Formed Scoliosis Braces and Brace Treatment

Determining the right brace model and application also requires expertise. The brace model should be chosen by a specialized doctor, additional corrections and supports should be implemented in frequent follow-ups.

One of the most important factors is the presence of a technician with expertise and experience in the field, who will produce the appropriate brace. In other words, scoliosis treatment requires teamwork. The physician, technician and physiotherapist need to work together with the family and the child, and monitor every step of the treatment.

There are treatment centers specializing in the field in many countries, and brace treatment related results are particularly positive. A 15-year monitoring study on schoolchildren in Greece has proven that bracing largely results in scoliosis control and few children needed surgical solutions.

CAD-CAM Scoliosis Corset

It should be known that incorrect brace applications, or ones that are unmonitored by experts will not lead to expected successful results. The photograph below shows a brace that covers the torso, and that has no pressure points or openings that will correct the scoliotic spinal column. These types of braces are both inefficient and time wasting for the child.

Together with Dr. Yılmaz's experience in scoliosis brace applications and our collaboration with foreign expert institutions, we have been applying computer-aided models in our center in Istanbul for 7 years. These Cad Cam models have low error margins, are efficient and approved to be more cosmetically pleasant by children. Prof. Dr. Hürriyet Yılmaz personally leads the process of brace treatment, from first analysis to regular follow-ups.

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