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Healthy and Normal Spine

Healthy and Normal Spine

Made up of bones named vertebrae and surrounding muscle, ligament and nerve formations in the neck, back, lower back and sacrum; the human spinal column is a perfect structure that has balance and movement capabilities.

A healthy and normal spine is a numerically complete, structurally faultless, correctly aligned anatomical structure. Its muscle and nerve systems can be controlled voluntarily, and its impeccable architecture leads to normal movement.

Observed from behind, individuals with normal spines should have a balanced body, level shoulders, equal lower back and arm lengths, and hip on the center line. If the vertebrae are on correct tier, the individual's body stands on a straight line when seen from the front and back – the vertebrae are lined perfectly one atop the other, with no slants.

A balanced spinal column not only has correct alignment when seen from behind, but it also demonstrates natural curves in the neck, back, lower back and hip. A concave structure (called lordosis) in the neck, convex structure (kyphosis) in the back, lordosis in the lower back and kyphosis again in the sacrum let the spine be stable and balanced in the lateral.

These curvatures in the spinal column develop in the child's first year of age. In the recent years, this issue has gained importance in babies' exercises. Natural and normal spines are important for the individual's posture, movement and spinal health.

Constant mistakes in seating, lack of exercise and heavy school bags have negative effects on children's posture and increase development of hyperkyphosis, disrupting healthy and correct posture.

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