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Monitoring is Important in Scoliosis Brace Treatment

Monitoring is Important in Scoliosis Brace Treatment?

The brace should be worn for up to 23 hours a day by children in their growth period. As the risk of the scoliotic curve's advancement decreases, the physician can reduce this daily period to 16 and 12 hours. Also, the braces should be taken off while exercising. If there is a problem about the brace's pressure, patients should definitely consult the physician or technician.

In order to understand the brace's effect on the body, new spinal graphs taken 3-5 weeks into treatment should be compared with the initial graphs. Additional corrections or extra high-pressure straps may be needed at this point.

In short, the process of brace treatment is not over once the brace is manufactured. The child should be monitored by the physician, and follow-ups with 3 month intervals should be carried out to implement corrections.

Another factor that affects the success of brace treatment is explaining to the child why he/she needs the brace and how it should be used. Because the braces are worn for about 20-23 hours a day, children usually have difficulty complying with the needs of the treatment. However, this is not generally the case for dental braces. Presuppositions on spinal braces have to be dealt with, and the child's fear of friend or family reaction should be minimized. Children supply the necessary support when a physician explains carefully why treatment is so important.

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