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The Right Scoliosis Brace Leads to Excellent Results

The Right Scoliosis Brace Leads to Excellent Results

The success of a scoliosis brace is based on choosing the right brace, planning specially for each curve, wearing the brace for the appropriate length of time, and regular monitoring. Cad Cam brace applications used in Europe and North America have come to be widely used in all over the world.

In Turkey, Formed Healthcare has been applying these braces to patients since 2006. The center, working in collaboration with specialized medical centers in the USA and Germany, has applied these braces to over 400 child patients with scoliosis whose follow-ups are still continuing.

The Right Scoliosis Brace Leads to Excellent Results

These Cheneau braces are planned and applied according to the child's scoliosis curve angle and location. In graphs taken after 6 weeks, a minimum of a 10 degree improvement in the curve is observed, pointing to a successful brace application. After this first follow-up, the child is monitored in 3-month intervals and improved angle control is aimed using new high-pressure material.

Additionally, the sunken spinal area is controlled by more traction on Gomez braces, leading to effective results.

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