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Scoliosis Braces and Brace Treatment

Scoliosis Braces and Brace Treatment

Scoliosis is a three-dimensional spinal deformity. Therefore, the braces should have a design that will control deformation on these three levels. Generally, braces used in scoliosis treatment are called TLSO (Thoraco Lumbo Sacral body Orthesis). These braces can be manufactured in different types and models.

Braces used in scoliosis, their differences

Scoliosis Braces and Brace Treatment,

In past years, bracing in scoliosis treatment had begun with plaster casting. Measurements taken from the cast were reviewed and braces were manufactured. These cast-based braces had to be produced by a specialist who had extensive knowledge on the subject, considering the child's growth and changes in his/her body. The margin of error is large, and production is time-consuming, making these traditional methods disadvantageous.

A number of scoliosis brace models have been developed. One of the first models, the Milwakuee, was not very desired among children because of its neck piece.

After continuing research, new brace models were developed with Boston, Charleston ve Cheneau principles. The aim was to develop successful designs that would control scoliosis and appeal to children more by being more visually pleasing.

Cheneau Scoliosis brace and the CAD CAM technique

Scoliosis Braces and Brace Treatment

Like in all issues, technology has developed immensely in this field. Now, braces designed and manufactured with computer-aided methods have decreased errors that may come up from classical brace-making techniques. These high-tech braces give very successful results.

Today, with the advanced technology, computer-designed braces that have low error margins and that supply three-dimensional control can be manufactured. The aim here is to produce the brace in a short period of time and develop designs that will ensure successful treatment results. This technology called CAD CAM is used in many fields where smart design solutions are needed.

For a successful brace, the physician should analyze the child's spinal curvature carefully, determining what type of curvature would advance, and a brace that will be accepted by the child should be produced. For this, a specialist doctor analyzes the child, getting the necessary measurements and modeling the brace on the computer, along with another specialized physician or technician. The child's measurements are implemented in the model and the brace is designed on a mould machine. Finally, the brace is produced by plastic stretching, and its straps are tried on the child. After making final reviews, the brace is ready for use.

CAD_CAM Scoliosis Brace

Rates of successful treatment results are very high with these types of braces.

Also, different models can be applied with the Cad Cam technology. In recent years, the Gomez Orthotic systems have developed innovation in three-dimensional spine control. These braces with proven results can also be manufactured.

Formed Healthcare has specialized in applications of both types of braces. Each child is analyzed specially, and the most appropriate brace solution is applied by the physician.

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