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In scoliosis treatment; physical exercise is needed to normalize affected parts of the spine, activate shortened and weakened muscle groups, and to preserve the chest cage and breathing capacity by using the respiratory muscles.

High angled scoliosis limits spinal movement, thus decreasing the child's lower back and hip movement and flexibility, further affecting the posture. A collapse is formed in the concave part of the scoliotic curve, and the spine needs to be elongated using stretches and in the recent years, using chairs that supply special traction. One of the most prevalent and wide-spreading exercise methods is known as the Schroth method.

Developed and applied to patients by physiotherapist Katharina Schroth, a scoliosis patient herself, the method is a special exercise program. Schroth's clinic in Germany has established the method as a treatment protocol.

Apart from this method, approaches as Dubowitz, SEAS, Lyonnaise and others are also being used at present. Rather than standard protocols in scoliosis exercises, what holds importance is evaluating and treating each child specially.

Detailed assessment, analysis of affected body segments, spinal movement; determining the curve's location and angle, and specifying the exercise and physiotherapy approach for each child is crucial. Scoliosis creates different effects on every child.

While methods such as acupuncture, traction and electrotherapy are also tried in scoliosis treatment, medical data and proof is not sufficient for these approaches.

Although sports as swimming, pilates and yoga are reviewed for their positive effects on treatment, scientific proof is also insufficient. However, it is an undisputed fact that sports will contribute to treatment by increasing the child's spinal movement.

The Schroth program has begun to be applied in Turkey as well. Although interest in the subject has risen in the recent years, unfortunately very few therapists have received adequate education on the matter. Institutional work on the Schroth method has been initiated by Formed: These educational programs are given by certified therapists in different locations, as well as the Formed Healthcare bracing center.

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